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The Formula To Reach Your Top Sales Capabilities By Mastering Your Plan.

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Everyone always asked me as a top salesperson at a top sales financial institution – “How do you do it?”

I always replied with many different answers but over time, I discovered there was not just one simple answer.

It was a bunch of answers when done simultaneously together that made me the top sales person out of thousands.

So the next question was “What are the small answers or things you do to be a top salesperson?” Therefore, I thought about it and came up with the following:

  1. Personal Morning Ritual
  2. Sales Morning Ritual
  3. Purposeful Day
  4. Hot List
  5. Common Objections and Responses
  6. Value Question of The Day
  7. Midday Charge Up
  8. Evening Rituals

I also had every single day scheduled hour by hour, and I made sure I executed on the above list and my plan for the day.

If you don’t have a plan, you are driving blind. So I always used a planner, but I thought to myself, “What if I can make an elite SALES PLANNER that had your plan for the day, but also had those eight things engraved in it so you too can execute on the 8 pillars of sales success every single day by filling out this planner.

Here it is!

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