The 10 Keys Of Leadership Book



The Formula To Become A Top Leader and Build a Championship Work Culture

Ace Charafeddine is a self-made entrepreneur who has led in many forms and many industries. It all started with a distribution company from scratch, which he turned into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, creating sales leaders and teams in every region. Always looking for a way to grow, he then joined a top financial institution and became a senior leader with the best retention, production/revenue, and known culture in the company. He now enjoys training and mentoring leaders worldwide through Acez Academy and consulting companies on leadership and culture daily.

Charafeddine can dissect your business and culture and tell you exactly what you need to do or change, step by step. He is also known for making it fun and easy, building the right habits into your business to establish sustainable teams and sales. Charafeddine builds the process based on each individual’s opportunities.

After more than a decade in leadership, he has identified the ten keys to success for almost every business leader and team he has mentored and observed. All the keys combined will give you access to a castle of championship culture, team, and business.

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